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Notes and photos of my building, restoring and flying adventures including photos of fly-in's I have attended and air shows as well as the world from above.
Update 11/9/2016: I have been inactive for a long time due to health issue, fortunately I am now back and flying again, there is also a new, flying, addition to the fleet.....

Latest addition to the fleet, ZS-UAO - Druine D.31 Turbulent. New

KR2 - ZU-CGR, also known as "Fokol Bang"

KR2 - ZS-VYZ,  fastest plane in the fleet.

Bush Baby ZU-BSE, a great little plane!

Savannah STOL ZU-EJS - Now Flying and GREAT fun!

Streak Shadow ZU-AVB - "Floyd", where it all started ! (SOLD)

Rans S12 ZU-AEN - "Bumble-bee" and Evans VP2 ZS-WXZ - "The Camel" - SOLD !

Old projects, Zenair Zodiac 601 HD (Sold) and ZU-BDL - Aviatika Mai-890U

Next Project , ZU-AMV - KR2 This one will get top priority to join ZS-VYZ in the "flying" section of the fleet.

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